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Freedom from Stress ~ the Easy way to Health & Happiness.  
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Each treatment lasts 45-60 minutes on a padded mat or futon on the floor. Carried out fully clothed it allows you to experience a deeper and more powerful connection.

On your first treatment we will talk about your symptoms, general health, lifestyle, diet, etc.  It is recommended to take a course of treatments. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

After Shiatsu, you can feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated.  I can suggest methods for self improvement for you to take home.

I have been seeing Karen for many years for numerous symptoms from neck, shoulder & lower back ache to pregnancy related Sciatica & pure relaxation. After one session since suffering with Sciatica, it really relieved the pain and I find it a lot easier to walk. Whenever I see Karen I feel extremely relaxed afterwards & she always manages to relieve my symptoms. I highly recommend a Shiatsu with Karen. You will feel on top of the world!
Mrs SM, Graphic Designer

How Shiatsu Helps

Everyone can benefit from Shiatsu. Please contact me to discuss your needs

  • Strengthen your body's ability to heal specific illnesses
  • Increase stamina and vitality by liberating and balancing energy
  • Improve posture, flexibility and joint mobility
  • Relieve buildup of tension or stress
  • Benefit your digestive system
  • Promote deep relaxation
  • Enrich your sleep
  • Enhance breathing and circulation
  • Create long term well being for your body, spirit and emotions

Karen a lovely treatment during which you catered for my injured knee well and worked with good focus to nourish and support. Thank you for a professional treatment which was well given.
Mrs JW

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"Shiatsu is the best for treating back, neck and shoulder pain, anxiousness, headaches, and recovery from injuries. The core benefit is pain elimination, relaxation and regeneration" - Shiatsu Society - UK's leading professional Shiatsu organisation - European Shiatsu School - Healthy pages

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