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What is Shiatsu?

The ancient healing art of Shiatsu empowers your body’s free flow of energy. Releasing stress, pain and tension by encouraging circulation, flexibility and relaxation. Powerful and lasting results that optimise your physical, emotional and spiritual potential.

Developed in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century, Shiatsu comes from the Japanese word meaning ‘finger pressure’. Springs from the same Traditional Oriental medicine principles as acupuncture and draws on aspects of western anatomy and physiology.

Shiatsu involves various techniques such as stretching, joint mobilisation, pressure and holding various parts of the body. Pressure may be applied using thumbs, fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet at the appropriate angle and depth along channels of the body, which differentiates Shiatsu from massage.

I went to see Karen having sprained my ankle, which was still sore weeks after suffering the injury. The morning after the massage, the ankle felt so much looser and less sore. Walking on it was a lot easier too. Just as importantly, I felt in a more positive frame of mind about the injury. I can really recommend Karen. She is really, really good at what she does.
Richard Handford, Journalist

On Site Chair Massage

Rare videos of Shizuto Masunaga (1925-1981), founder of Zen Shiatsu. Born into Shiatsu, he became one of the main influences of Western Shiatsu in the 1970’s.

Masunaga integrated the ancient model of Shiatsu with western physiology and psychology.  He also introduced additional channels of the body to work.  With a nurturing supportive connection to a person’s whole being he promoted the natural healing elements of the body.


Current Moon

After a lifetime of activity, particularly swimming and dancing, I find it difficult to maintain these interests and am getting slower and stiffer. Karen was able to relieve these symptoms in just two lovely shiatsu sessions. Her strong and intuitive hands found all the weak points. It was healing and enjoyable.
Anne Woolf, age 84, Retired Social Worker

I immediately felt released and calm after my treatment with Karen and glimpsed how I should feel if I actively worked to tune my body. The real effects were obvious when my martial arts teacher noticed my abilities for the first time.
Lennard T